Providing Consulting, Product Development & Ingredient Solutions for the Bakery Industry

Serving the needs of northeast bakeries for over 25 years.

With on-site consulting services from R.B.Bake-Tech, Client’s have immediate, personalized access to expert advice and hands-on training. R.B.Bake-Tech will travel the United States as a guide for start-up and growing bakeries. The following is what I offer you with on-site consulting services.


  • Formulation, Improvement
  • Production Planning, Scheduling
  • Employee Training individual and group.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • GMP's/safety programs
  • laboratory product analysis
  • HACCP/food safety
  • Cost control standards

Organizational Development:

  • interviewing, hiring, training
  • establish quality customer service
  • labor scheduling
  • performance appraisal process

What you can gain from these services:

  • Build sales with creative new product ideas.
  • Maximize the quality and production of your favorite products.
  • Solve an ingredient or production problem.
  • Improve overall efficiency and product quality.
  • Increase the skill and efficiency of your employees.
  • Insure the uniformity and consistency of your production.